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10 Taboos You Must Know About Using Chopsticks

The development of chopsticks culture in China has a long history and is an important part of Chinese food culture, and it has a unique connotation. In China’s table manners culture, chopsticks play a very important role. But do you know that there are some customary methods and taboos for using chopsticks? Let’s take a look at it.

1. Chopsticks should be placed neatly

Chopsticks must be placed neatly. Whether it is before or after eating, do not put chopsticks in different lengths on the table, resulting in a “three long and two short” situation, the meaning is very unlucky, this detail is often overlooked by many people now.

2. Do not use chopsticks to beat pots and pans

The use of chopsticks to beat bowls, pots, and plates symbolizes “poverty.” Because only beggars used to knock the bowl with chopsticks in the past to attract the attention of others.

3. Don’t flip up and down in the dish

It’s rude to be able to wave the chopsticks in the dish and flip it up and down to find what you want to eat. When you meet someone else and come to pick up the food, you should be willing to avoid it, beware of “chopsticks fighting.”

4. Don’t bite or lick chopsticks with your mouth

Some people like to use the mouth to stick to the attachments on the chopsticks when eating, or to bite the chopsticks. This is very rude behavior, and it will make friends who are eating together feel embarrassed.

5. Don’t hold chopsticks casually

Some people like to hold out their forefinger when they are eating with chopsticks. It is uncultured and extremely impolite to always stick their chopsticks in front of others, or point their forefinger back and forth when they are eating or talking with others. Because, use forefinger to point at other people normally, have the meaning that blames the other side.

6. Don’t use a chopstick to insert something to eat

Using a chopstick to insert food into the bowl of a meal is seen as a humiliation for diners. This kind of action is equivalent to the meaning of extending the middle finger to people in Europe, and it is extremely impolite.

7. Do not put the chopsticks upright on the rice bowl

When the bowl is full of rice, some people like to insert chopsticks directly on the rice for convenience, which is considered disrespectful. Because the folk tradition is to do this for the sake of the late undead if a pair of chopsticks is inserted into the center of the meal, it seems to be a curse to eat together, this behavior is never acceptable.

8. Don’t cross your chopsticks across the table

when you have dinner. It is not polite to cross your chopsticks across the table when you are eating. It is also a denial of themselves. It is very rude behavior.

9. Do not put chopsticks on the rice bowl during the meal

During the meal, if chopsticks are not used for the time being, they should be placed neatly on the table or next to the rice bowl, and should not be placed directly on the rice bowl, so as not to fall on the ground carelessly.

10. Apologize when chopsticks land

Usually, when eating, it is inevitable that chopsticks will accidentally fall to the ground. At this time, you must immediately pick up the chopsticks and apologize to the person at the same table, indicating that you accidentally caused the chopsticks to land.

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