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    Bamboo over Porcelain

    Bamboo over porcelain, also known as porcelain-bodied bamboo ware, is a unique traditional handicraft from Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It needs more than ten processes to produce, with unique skills and fine workmanship. Due to the high difficulty in making and the small output, it was only used as a royal tribute when it was founded.
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    Cute Bamboo Ware Apple Jewelry Box
    Regular price $98.00 $49.00
    Bamboo thread Porcelain Dehua Drinking Mugs
    Regular price $68.00
    Porcelain-bodied Bamboo Ware Small Zen Vase
    Regular price $128.00 $88.00
    Porcelain-bodied Bambooware Suet Jade Tea Set
    Regular price $358.00 $228.00
    Bamboo over Porcelain Jingdezhen Single Mug
    Regular price $56.00 $42.00
    Ceramic Flower Arrangement with Bamboo Wires
    Regular price $238.00 $138.00
    Jingdezhen Ceramic Bamboo Woven Flower Vase
    Regular price $208.00 $138.00
    Bamboo over Porcelain One-Pot with Two Cups
    Regular price $138.00
    Bamboo over Porcelain Handwoven Portable Tea Set
    Regular price $238.00 $185.00