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    Chinese Porcelain

    A wide selection of Chinese Porcelain, Pottery, Ceramic, including Travel Tea set, Tea Pot, etc, unique and practical, Ideal for home, travel, or gifts to your friends.

    Showing: 1-28 of 28
    Porcelain-bodied Bambooware Suet Jade Tea Set
    Regular price $358.00 $228.00
    Bamboo over Porcelain Handwoven Portable Tea Set
    Regular price $238.00 $185.00
    Chinese Travel Tea Set with Gourd Shaped
    Regular price $198.00 $168.00
    Portable Kung Fu Tea Set with Tray
    Regular price $79.00 $49.00
    Creative Eight Pagodas Portable Tea Set
    Regular price $33.00
    Ceramic Gaiwan Teapot with Two Cups
    Regular price $39.00 $29.00
    Chinese Style Kungfu Tea Set with Retro Bag
    Regular price $68.00 $58.00
    Purple Clay Office Mug Set with Plum Blossom
    Regular price $59.00 $49.00
    Travel Gongfu Tea Set with One Pot Two Cups
    Regular price $38.00 $32.00
    Hand-painted Yixing Clay Storage Jar
    Regular price $58.00 $49.00
    Dragon and Turtle Handmade Zisha Teapot
    Regular price $258.00
    Multifunctional Purple Clay Ceramic Seal Jars
    Regular price $19.50
    Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Tea Set
    Regular price $69.00 $29.00
    Traditional Tea Ceremony Set with Tea Tray
    Regular price $45.00
    Creative Ceramic Travel Tea Set 5 Cups per Pot
    Regular price $34.00