Creative Ceramic Travel Tea Set 5 Cups per Pot


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  • The Best Choice: Tea ceremonies have an extensive and profound history in Chinese culture and many other cultures as well. Drinking tea has been widely recognized for its many benefits relating to health and weight loss. It is a nice thing to have cups of tea with friends or family in travel.
  • Proper Design: The teacup and the cup pad can be stacked upward for integrated storage. This tea set adopts a simple and elegant style making it very suitable for afternoon tea, family gathering, friends gathering, or any other time you would like to enjoy tea.
  • Comfortable Design: The diversion port adopts a beak shape to allow the water to pour out smoothly in a centralized and strong way without splashing. With round cup rim, smooth inner wall, and a wooden handle on the teapot body.
  • Master Craftsmanship: Teapot and teacups are made in high-temperature fires with traditional Chinese pottery making methods, using high-quality raw materials.
  • Great Idea for Gifts: This tea set with auspicious meaning is also an ornament at home or in the office. Give this “authentic-meets-modern-set” to your family friends or business partners as a unique gift! This appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. A Lucky and beautiful choice.


  • Material:Ceramic
  • Package Dimensions:5.9″*4.7″*4.7″


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