Porcelain-bodied Bambooware Suet Jade Tea Set


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  • A Symbol of Nobility: The outside of the ceramic is wrapped with bamboo silk. This handicraft is called bamboo over porcelain, also called porcelain body bamboo weaving. Due to the high difficulty in making and the small output. In the beginning, it can only be used as a tribute or gift for the Royal Palace and nobles.
  • Pure and Natural: The selected bamboo material is a special and knotless porcelain bamboo from Chengdu. After more than ten complex processes, such as bamboo breaking, color baking, silk drawing, and even drawing, it is all hand-made to produce fine bamboo silk. The bamboo weaving gives this ceramic tea set an oriental touch.
  • Skillful Workmanship: In the process of production, it is hand-made with both hands and a knife, so that the root bamboo silk can be shaped according to the tire, close to the porcelain surface, and all joints can be hidden without exposure, just like nature Generation and integration.
  • Oriental Art: Selected Dehua white porcelain, the cup body is white and pure, as fat as jade. Blanc de chine is French praise for Dehua white porcelain in the Ming Dynasty, which they think is “the best of Chinese porcelain”. Dehua white porcelain has the reputation of “ivory white”, “lard white” and “velvet white” because of its fine production, solid texture, crystal-like jade, and moist glaze-like fat. It has a unique style in China’s white porcelain system, occupies an important position in the history of ceramic development, and has the reputation of “Oriental Art” in the world.
  • Best Teapot Gift: With an elegant and safe gift package that is very welcome to the tea lover and fits your modern home in a minimalist style. Ideal gift for housewarming, birthday, Christmas, or more.


  • Material:Ceramic, Bamboo
  • Package Include:1 Pot with 4 Cups


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