Retro Bamboo Root Carving Leaf Plate


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  • Those who worship the unity of heaven and man have a special preference for bamboo. The ancestors knew early on that bamboo was used to make various household utensils and crafts. For thousands of years, bamboo has developed along with Chinese culture and has become an integral part of people’s lives.
  • People grow bamboo, eat bamboo, use bamboo, paint bamboo, and chant bamboo, and their affection for bamboo is passed down from generation to generation, forming bamboo culture. The bamboo root carving plate with its beautiful bamboo texture and generous texture adds to the elegance and taste.
  • Whether it’s for fruit or for tea. With these serving trays, you could enjoy TV dinner, tea time, party with family and friends, or other relaxing time.


  • Material:Bamboo Root
  • Product Dimensions:Approximately 5.9″-7.9″ in length, and 3.9″ wide
  • Packing: 2Pcs


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