Travel Gongfu Tea Set with One Pot Two Cups


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  • Vibrant Colour: Kiln change color glaze ceramic teapot, fired at high temperature. Porcelain in the firing process. Due to the change of temperature in the kiln, the uncertainty of the surface glaze occurs naturally, and unexpected glaze effect occurs.
  • High Artistic Appreciation: Tea sets are colorful, bright as sunset, beautiful as spring flowers and autumn clouds. Sometimes it just like billowy waves. It’s worthy of being appreciated and loved by people. It’s a real ceramic work of art.
  • Practical Design: The teapot is designed with a hawk mouth so that the water flow can be quickly disconnected when pouring stops. Filters the tea dregs from the tea and makes the water flow smoothly.
  • Fashional Design: With bright gloss on the surface, a smooth rounded edge, the whole tea set is integrated into a whole. Integrating the fashion, beautiful atmosphere, adding a new meaning to the modern fashion home decoration.
  • The One You Love: Fine material with a delicate and smooth surface. Especially with a red bead on the tea cover, the whole reveals the charm of demure and elegant, generous, highly decorative, and artistic.


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